Ssikkek Korean BBQ


Annyeonghaseyo, foodies! been long time that I've written something yummy for your tummy. After a long holiday mood and busy deadline for work, me and fellow foodies go to Korean BBQ Buffet where we can eat that much as you can! Fortunately, for this week Ssikkek have a special deal to celebrate their 1st anniversary. So, you can pay 1 and get 1 50% off, woo-hoo let's start the party! :D

Located in Kelapa Gading Square, Ruko Mall of Indonesia, I think this is a best choice for you who loves to barbecuing. You can eat a lot with many choice of beef, chicken, prawn, and the lovely pork until you drop, I mean drop, literally! I had a pork high after lunch, lil bit headache because too much eaten. Oh my, who can resist the tender of pork belly melt on your mouth, baby!

I love their new interior with wood, feels so comfy and warm. Ssikkek buffet station served so many banchan (refers to small dishes of food) that usually just for appetizer. In other way, they had a meat station, bibimbap station, soup station, and fresh fruit. Their service is good, many waiter will help you, even to cooked your meat. 

Here's some of banchan of that day
If you don't dare to eat a lot like all you can eat, nor didn't have much time, some of ala   carte menu could be your option for quick lunch :
Gyeran Jjim | IDR 24.9
Soft korean steam egg casserole mixed with assortments of vegetables, so smooth.
Ojingo Bokum | IDR 39.9
Sauteed squid and vegetables in a spicy sauce. Savory in flavor and good portion.
Bulgogi Jongsik | IDR 49.9
Thin sliced beef marinated in a mixture of  sauce, with assortment vegetables&dangmiun.
 Sosogi Gukbap | IDR 39.9
Korean spicy beef soup with radish, kongnamul (korean bean sprout) and green onions.
Prepare your belly, let's start the meat galore!
Heavenly pork belly is in the pan! Woohoo *big grin*
Collaboration beef and chicken
Chicken and prawn ready to served
Sexiest pork belly *welcome fatty fat*
After some cholesterol, and pork high, time to balancing with some fresh fruit. For drinks, ssikkek have many beverages, but for me better to choose bottomless hot/cold ocha IDR 9.9 or lemon tea / blackcurrant tea IDR 14.9. They had flavoured ice tea, fresh juice, or soju, if you are interested.

Flavoured Ice Tea (Strawberry - Lychee - Peach) | IDR 19.9
Fresh Juice | IDR 24.9
legendary korean ice cream for desserts

Oh, I'm so full, tummy overload. Ssikkek Korean BBQ Jakarta, have a special deal to celebrate their 1st anniversary, since 18-24 August 2014, you can pay 1 and get 50% off for the second person that you bring to enjoy this buffet. Or get 10% for ala carte menu. Here's the price for buffet :

Weekday Buffet                                              
Lunch  : IDR 115.9++ (adult) / IDR 99.9++ (kids)
Dinner : IDR 135.9++ (adult) / IDR 115.9++ (kids)

Weekend Buffet all day (11.30am-10.00pm)
IDR 135.9++ (adult) / IDR 115.9++ (kids)

One thing that I like from Ssikkek, they didn't give you time limit, like others buffet do. So, you can take your time, enjoy delicious food, relax, and makes your tummy happy. Hm, what are you waiting for? Don't miss their special deal anniversary, let's party meat galore! :D

Ssikkek Korean BBQ
Komplek Kelapa Gading Square
Ruko Mall Of Indonesia
Jl. Boulevard Barat Raya Blok A No.5-6
Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta 
Tel. (021) 29364049